5 Tips For New Yoga Teachers


As a new yoga teacher, you have a lot of things that you hope to achieve in a single class. Remember that teaching yoga may be overwhelming at times. However, if you follow the following five tips for new yoga teachers, you will have less stress in building a large student base to fill your class.

Teach What You Know.

gdvdgvMost people ask whether it’s okay to teach exercises that you can’t do yourself. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, you can teach things that you can’t do if you could previously do them before something like breaking your hand or leg happened to you. But, if you cannot do it, you should not teach it either.

The basic thing that people do not understand is that in yoga, you should aim at perfecting on what you do best and not involving in new techniques especially when teaching. Remember you are teaching different people with various levels of skills and body structures thus different poses will work differently for them. As a result, you should only teach what you aspire and not trial poses.

Be The Real You.

Some yoga teachers try to imagine what a yoga teacher should be instead of being who they are. As a result, they end up wearing head scarves, bindis and speak using Sanskrit words. This should not be the case. If this is who you are in real life, then no problem do it. But if you are an athlete in real life, be that. Your students also require you to be genuine and authentic.

Plan Your Classes.

It is highly recommended that you plan your classes ahead of time. This is important if you are new in teaching yoga. You should walk into your classes with notes containing all that you aim to teach in that particular lesson. Having notes helps you to avoid unnecessary repetition of already explained concepts.

Watch Your Students.ffxxfcf

Since every pose requires some points, new teachers are at times attempted to say a lot of points or even say the points that are not needed in the appropriate training they are doing at a given time. It is important that you observe your students see if they heard and understood your instructions before moving on to the next. This helps to prevent waste of time and energy in training.

Offer Inclusive Classes.

It is imperative to offer progressions and regressions for all the poses you train your students to ensure they serve a wider variety of students. Modifications help your students to learn yoga positions without straining to force the different yoga positions. This helps create a positive mindset in your students.

Tips For Reducing Seasonal Allergy Symptoms


An allergy happens when the immune system reacts to foreign elements from the environment that would otherwise not bother other people. This threat may not be a danger to the body nevertheless as the body tries to fight it, one may experience various symptoms which may leave you feeling ill. Substances that may cause allergies are pollen, fur, dust, bits and some types of food. One can be able to reduce seasonal allergies by following these tips.

Know Your Triggersdgdgdd

To avoid what triggers allergies you need to know what causes the reactions. Being aware will help in keeping you well. It is vital to arrange an appointment with an allergy specialist to assist in identifying your triggers.

Ensure Windows Are Closed

During pollen seasons, it is important to keep allergens away from your home this is by shutting your windows during the day when the pollen count is high. During rainy days windows can be slightly opened this assists in cleaning pollutants and allergens out of the air.

Purify Your Air

Having an air purifier will help filter and clear the air of allergens and other indoor pollutants. Keep one in the bedroom to avert morning and waking up symptoms. Another in the living area for use during the daytime.

Use A Face Mask

A face mask will limit and filter allergens from entering your airways. This can be helpful especially when you are not able to avoid certain triggers due to the nature of work you are doing. Wear masks recommended for filtering air contaminants.

Clean Up

Help keep the allergen count low by cleaning your home. Vacuum the furniture, floor, and curtains well. Use a vacuum installed with a HEPA filter that can trap allergens. Do not use harsh cleaning detergents that can cause irritations use every day available household products.

Have A Shower And Do Laundry

bvgsxcgsWhen you come in from the outdoors airborne allergens, tend to stick to your skin, hair and clothes. Taking a shower and getting a new change of clothes. The bath will help wash away any allergens. Wash clothes and dry them indoors to keep them free from allergens.

Being able to know your triggers and how to manage them will go a long way in assisting to reduce seasonal allergies. Ensure to eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. Remember to keep your environment clean; this will help to reduce the allergen count. The above tips will assist you from having seasonal allergies.